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What Sets MHT Apart

Services - offered by MHT

Membrane Hitec (MHT) Service Division was established in 1998 to cater to various commissioning and service requirements. Service engineers and constantly updated with new technologies, equipped with knowledge, instruments and equipment to identify the problems and resolution methods. The following activities are undertaken by the service division for any UF membrane installation.

Site commissioning (including PT stabilization support)
Checking of design accuracy and adequacy and suggestions to optimize pre-treatment to UF to achieve desired flow and quality.
Membrane Air tests and Membrane Integrity tests to identify leakages / fibre breakages if any
Membrane Service including fibre plugging where applicable
Membrane System Cleaning (physical and chemical)
Design Modifications and membrane replacement

MHT service division specialises in membrane replacement services. MHT’s Expertise with membrane replacement is un-matchable. Hundreds of various internationally manufactured UF and MF membranes are replaced with MHT membranes.

Competitive edge of MHT

MHT has the unique ability to provide state of the art membrane for various applications. In house application engineering team focusses on adaptation and development of new UF applications. Some applications we have already developed and is supplying are

  1. Sea Water Pre-Treatment

  2. Brine Clarification

  3. Enzyme recovery

  4. Endotoxin removal

  5. and Microbial Culture separation

  6. Paint recovery

  7. Protein separation

  8. Oily Effluent Reclamation

  9. Colloidal Silica Removal

In addition to the development of such applications, MHT also pioneered in providing safe drinking water to customers in hospitality segments and also for domestic use. MHT launched its Cartridge – type Ultra filters offering 4 to 50 LPH (in various sizes) in this segment and offers distribution through the wide distribution & service network identified for the purpose across India. MHT was the first to stand against use of RO in low TDS water segment for drinking purposes, which was later adopted as policy among many technocrats.

Proprietory Novel Design

MHT membranes have several advantages, in design, membrane area and compactness. MHT stands out with availability of membranes in sizes varying from 2.5 m2 to 151 m2. Foot print reduction and Compactness has been the prime focus of module design for MHT. Integrated Header System (IHS rack system), developed in house has also been supporting in footprint reduction and overall cost reduction for customers.

Quality of Membrane:

Membrane Hitec membranes are manufactured to the highest quality standards. It has been awarded ISO Certificate for standardization. MHT had availed NSF certification. The proprietary manufacturing ensures high flux rates – means high productivity and also sturdy membranes. Each membrane fibre is checked individually and quality is assured. Each membrane modules undergo an array of tests before it is cleared for supply. At MHT Quality is not just for adherenc, but it is the term we live by.

Low cost to Customers:

Our unique 400 mm Dia membranes reduced the overall project costs for many industries including Mega and ultra Mega Power Projects. This design innovations were further complemented by use of the OPVC based module housings sourced directly from state of the art OPVC manufacturing facilities of sister concern Chemfab Alkalis, allowing to house 151 m2 area within 400 mm Dia module, thus allowing overall project cost reduction.

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