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Projects Executed

Projects Executed

  1. Chennai Petroleum Corpn ltd (CPCL)

  2. Sagar Sugars & Allied Products

  3. Tube Products India Limited

  4. Brakes India Limited

  5. Perfetti Vanmelle India ltd

  6. Hindustan Lever ltd. Pondy

1. Chennai Petroleum Corpn Ltd (CPCL)

Pilot Plant at CPCL

Chennai Petroleum Corpn Ltd (CPCL), one of the leading biggest refineries, is always in the fore-front in introducing newer technologies. When MHT approached CPCL, after various presentations and appeal, agreed for MHT putting up a pilot plant at the risk and cost of MHT, to treat both Tertiary Treated Water and Effluent water. CPCL targeted 100% recycling of treated effluent to achieve zero discharge. MHT put up the pilot plant in May 1999, at its own cost and successfully run the plant for 18 months and treated secondary sewage for cooling tower and Demin Water Plant. The results were jointly checked by CPCL and MHT. CPCL having convinced on the pilot run, as a very special case awarded the Contract in 2000 on nomination basis, for setting up one million (approx) gallons per day Zero Discharge Plant. MHT commissioned the plant in 2001, within 5 months.


150 m3 per hour (about one mgd) ZERO DISCHARGE PLANT - for CPCL - first in India.

After 18 months of pilot run and testing by CPCL technical team and having convinced on the efficacy of UF membrane technology of MHT, in 2000 CPCL decided to award ON NOMINATION BASIS, a contract for treating about one million gallons per day capacity, within a very short period. MHT gave a competitive proposal with a pay back period of just 15 months.

Within five months (much ahead of the contract schedule of 9 months), MHT, put up the plant at CPCL in 2001, replacing all the conventional pollution – prone chemical technologies.

Plant features :

  • 100% MHT's own technology and design.

  • Basic and detailed engineering by MHT.

  • Its own UF membrane and systems, manufactured in its facilities in Chennai.

  • Installation and Commissioning.

  • A total integrated Plant.

India's first Zero Discharge Plant employing Ultrafiltration Membrane technology


The plant was designed for 100% recyling of treated effluent/ upgrading the sewage treatment by UF technology. The water recycled through the plant was free of pathogens. There was substantial reduction of Silt Density Index (SDI) for better yield and higher efficiency of Reverse Osmosis Plant.

MHT incorporated various innovative designs in this plant to make it compact, easy for operation and maintenance, with very high performance and all controlled by PLC. The success of this plant, paved the way for CPCL to go in for higher capacities.

Before U.F


After U.F


Equipment Eliminated


Performance of U.F at CPCL

  • Pay back on investment - 18 months

  • Drastic reduction in foot prints

  • Conforms to EPA norms

  • Nil / drastic reduction in consumption of Chemicals

  • Elimination of various pollution prone chemical pre-treatment steps

  • Increase in yield

  • Enhancement in the membrane life

  • Power saving 50%.

  • Nil Sludge and Nil pollution

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