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    Ultra Filtration Membranes Purifies any contaminated water ranging
    from micro-organism to collodial species

    MHT Installed INDIA's First Zero Discharge Plant

    More than 20 years into Manufacturing of UF Membrane

About Us

Membrane Hitec Profile

Membrane Hitec is first in India to manufacture Capillary type Ultra-filtration (UF) membranes.

Involved in constant extensive research and has developed different types of membranes.

Applied UF membrane technology, effectively both technically and economically, in various unexplored areas.

Supplied membranes and membrane systems, apart from India, to U.S., Europe, Australia & South Africa.

Developed multi-bore membranes - which have multi-fold advantages.

Upgrades its technology base, through eminent scientists from Europe, USA and Australia.

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Services - offered by MHT

Membrane Hitec (MHT) Service Division was established in 1998 to cater to various commissioning and service requirements.


Competitive edge of MHT

MHT has the unique ability to provide state of the art membrane for various applications. In house application engineering team focusses on adaptation and development of new UF applications.


Proprietory Novel Design

MHT membranes have several advantages, in design, membrane area and compactness. MHT stands out with availability of membranes in sizes varying from 2.5 m2 to 151 m2.


Quality of Membrane:

Membrane Hitec membranes are manufactured to the highest quality standards. It has been awarded ISO Certificate for standardization. MHT had availed NSF certification.


Low cost to Customers:

Our unique 400 mm Dia membranes reduced the overall project costs for many industries including Mega and ultra Mega Power Projects.

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