Research & Development

Membrane Hitec is constantly upgrading its membranes, polymers, dopes and have introduced it effectively for multi-farious applications.

  • Bacteria/ pathogen free drinking water.
  • Treatment of surface/ river/ rain water
  • Pre-treatment of sea water for RO for desalination
  • Treatment of Tannery/ dye effluent
  • Treatment of hot conc. brine in chlor-alkali industry
  • Recycling of raw sewage water for horticulture or aquifer
  • Reduction of load on the effluent treatment system by good recycling
  • Achieve better standards than EPA, for discharge of effluent, if any
  • Aim at Zero discharge and total recycling of water, using appropriate  technologies
  • Pre-treatment of Sea water by UF, for feeding into Chlorinators/ RO / MSF plants
  • Solution for reducing the fouling and corrosion in cooling towers.